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"The RCA clean is a standard set of wafer cleaning steps which need to be performed before high-temperature processing steps (oxidation, diffusion, CVD) of silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing.

Werner Kern developed the basic procedure in 1965 while working for RCA, the Radio Corporation of America. It involves the following chemical processes performed in sequence:

  • Removal of the organic contaminants (organic clean + particle clean)
  • Removal of thin oxide layer (oxide strip, optional)
  • Removal of ionic contamination (ionic clean)

" - Wikipedia

RCA Clean Preparation[edit]

Note: SC-1 and SC-2 (standard clean) are usually carried out at 75 degrees C for 10 minutes each in (quartz) glassware

  • SC-1 (Organic clean and metallic contamination gettering into oxide)
    • 5 parts H2O
    • 1 part NH4OH, standard 29% by mass NH3
    • 1 part H2O2, 30%
  • Option Intermediate Oxide Strip (SC-1 forms a ~1nm SiO2 layer that contains metallic contamination that was on Si wafer surface and can be removed in HF etch or buffered etch solution)
  • SC-2 (Removes other ionic contaminents and creates thin passivation layer)
    • 6 parts H2O
    • 1 part HCL, standard 37% by mass
    • 1 part H2O2, 30%
  • Rinse
    • Running DI water
  • Dry
    • N2 nozzle, spin dry, etc.